Defining beauty

Beauty is so much more than how I look it’s also how I see myself.

Some people work extra hard to look perfect. Not only is that lifestyle ridiculously expensive it’s also painful at times and hard to maintain. Who here likes buying creams only for them not to work in the end, or going on diets that aren’t flexible. Don’t you wish we could just be ourselves without being judged? Well we can’t not be judged. We can’t control people’s minds. But we can shut that voice in our head that is constantly criticizing us.
No, I’m not saying that we should stop taking care of our nails and eat unhealthy foods. We should at least look decent. But if you know you’re trying your best then don’t be afraid to say I like my body just the way it is and love yourself!
Loving yourself means eating right, exercising and having a good personal hygiene.
I came across this video yesterday, In the video, an FBI-trained sketch artist draws women first based on their own and then on strangers’ descriptions.
Tell me what you think. (It’s on the dove site)

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